CPU and output level indicators in 9.7" devices

I had assumed that the indicators weren’t present in the smaller screen iPads because they just didn’t fit, but now that I have them in the smaller iPhone XR screen, that doesn’t seem to be the real reason. Is there a chance for this to happen?


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    It is related more to screen format (width:height ratio) than to size, especially because of notch (that area on X/XR where is front camera and retina scanner) .. that's reason why it is there - on XR there is area which is not useable for controls, so instead of having it just blank there is cpu meter

  • Just so to make sure we're talking about the same thing, I'm referring to this:

    Asking because I don't see how the notch has an effect on this being present or not.

  • ok this is just because of width/height aspect ratio...

  • got it, thanks for explaining!

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