QWERTY Keyboard Support

This has been mentioned in a few other threads in the past, but since it hasn't been implemented yet, I figured it should have a thread of its own to make it more visible.

It would be really nice if NS2 let you enter text using external/hardware/Bluetooth keyboards.

I have one of those keyboard cases for my iPad Pro and NS2 is literally the only app I use that doesn't support it. I think most apps just support it by default since they use Apple's built-in keyboard, but NS2 has a custom text keyboard.

Maybe NS2 can check if a hardware keyboard is connected and use the default keyboard if so, otherwise use its custom keyboard?

It's a minor thing but would make a huge difference for people that use hardware keyboards, and I have to think it's not too hard to support since every other app does it.


  • In one of the other threads, someone also suggested keyboard shortcuts, a la Patterning 2. That would be extra cool, but I'll happily settle for just being able to enter text. :-)

  • Yes, this is a popular request. Matt is definitely aware of it and it is my understanding that it’s just a matter of fitting in the work in his schedule.

  • Excellent, thanks.

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