Cray23 - Mint

Something slow to just listen;) made with nanostudio 2 with one instance of troublemaker and Stark also equaliser and fac chorus too. Enjoy;)


  • Still liking these :)

    There's a lot of little detail in there, adding depth and surprise to every progression. That makes it a nice balance of predictable and surprising.

    Very cool!

  • Very cool!

    THIS !

    Really great tune, man i don't know where this ends, you're better and better which every new track :)

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    Oh Wow @Cray23 ! This is awesome! Love the groove, lush synths....and that bass! So no nice.

    What is Stark?

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    @Trigger_the_Monkey @dendy @peanut_gallery Thanks lot guys, although I think it could have bit more bottom end but didn’t want to fuck it up so I left it as it is:D and to answer peanut_gallery’s question. Stark is guitar amp simulator, it’s cool and make your synths sound almost like guitars or just very versatile distortion unit with 4 fx slots on the top of that. I use that in almost every tune I made :D

  • So is stark Auv3, I assume?

  • I like this too !! Yes Stark is very fun to use with haha
    Your way of composing is great, that’s my opinion :)

  • @ITN thanks, much appreciated ;) yeah Stark is dope;)

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