Please update!!!?!!!

Marry Christmas πŸŽ„ everybody!!!

So I’m on iPhone user, i really hope you @blipinteractive if you can some update like;

  1. Adding automation for auv3/ stock plugin. I have problems with this, coz I’ve been purchased the FlyTape and i can’t used this on my lovely DAW on NanoStudio 2. πŸ˜‘
  2. Adding for timestretch-slicing-bounce. And it can be change the tempo or pitch of course! I really hopefully.. 😊
  3. Adding the audio tracks of course! So how can i sing on my beats on great DAW like NanoStudio 2 if you not add it??? 😌
  4. Adding auv3 plugin on the slate..?
  5. Changing the color from black to blackgrey maybe?? Coz it’s really contrast for me..

So that’s it. I hope this will update soon!!!! I love you..

Thanks 😊

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