Cray23 - Ultrabrutalizm

Done in Nanostudio 2 with auv3 as follows Stark, DC-9 Overdrive, FAC chorus, FAC Transient, Blackhole
Enjoy, it’s bit mental:DDD


  • ENERGY! As usual - I like it! Way to go!

  • :+1:

    Ok now, seriously, when will be album ready ? I will buy it instantly after you drop it :) Another massive headbanger !

  • edited December 2019

    @anickt @dendy thanks guys;) I usually try to get that energy going :DD about album, well one day I should have it ready;) it taking me ages to sort out SC :D but almost there, I had a go yesterday and I could upload track finally as something was preventing me from it before.

  • Holy smokes that track has drive. Loving it! Really digging all the synth sounds and synth movement.

  • @peanut_gallery thank you;) glad you like that drive and energy;)

  • Excellent track! 😁

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