BramBos Perforator auv3 FX: missing automation parameters


(I’ve also emailed Bram about this as I’m not sure as to which of the 2 apps might be the cause of the behaviour)

Description of buggy behavior: I would like to automate BramBos’s “Perforator”’s dry/wet control however Perforator’s parameters do not appear in the track’s list of automatable params.

Steps to reproduce: create a Group track; add Perforator to the track’s rack of audio fx; open the track’s list of automation parameters.

Expected result: view & edit automation data for the track’s instance of Perforator

Actual result: none of Perforator’s parameters appear in the list.

I hope that’s enough info for you, however feel free to ask if you need more.

Cheers 🙂


  • Oh - sorry: iPhoneXR, everything (iOS, NS2, Perforator) - latest versions.

  • edited January 2020

    Unfortunately, Nanostudio doesn't support automation of AUfx parameters... It's on the todo list, but no ETA for now...

  • Ah - ok. Many thanks for the quick reply 👍🙂

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