Cray23 - Infuse

Made in Nanostudio 2 with korvpressor, equaliser, fac chorus and bandit, Stark. Contains samples from behringer neutron and crave.


  • Funky track with a very raw and aggressive drum sound, gives the whole thing a real edge.

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • I feel like I need to be going 180 mph in some futuristic racing game (Wipeout!). Or just nodding my head and tapping me feet at my desk at work. Love this track!

  • @richardyot @anickt thanks guys;)
    @peanut_gallery thanks, I absolutely love wipeout since I saw very first one back in the days I think it was 96 and last year I bought PS4 just to play wipeout omega collection and sold it after I finished it:DDD but probably I like wp fusion on ps2 most, anyway each of them had great soundtracks;)

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