Cray23 - Raw

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As it’s name suggests it’s bit raw around the edges:D Made with NanoStudio 2 with inclusion of AUv3 as follows - Korvpressor, fac transient, fac bandit, NA Crunck V2, Stark, Shaper, Svep, Lofionic Duplicat, Pure Acid, Equalizer. Also contains few samples from behringer k2, neutron, crave and couple of loops made on korg Electribe es1mk2



  • Love that raw sound, indeed! Lots of energy in that gritty vibe. Another fantastic track.

    I need to check out some of these Auv3 plugins you are using. I only recognize maybe 20% of what you listed, and of that don't even know what any of them do beyond Stark and Pure Acid.

  • @peanut_gallery lol I got probably about 60-70% of audio apps and I just don’t use them:D so when I was working on this I thought let’s try some and neither I knew what to expect from some of them as I bought them ages ago but will give bit of description on some, svep is like chorus and I think it’s free or was?, shaper is sort of multi distortion fx with wave folders, glitching, and what not, quite cool will be using I bit more I think also that was free I believe or dirty cheap:), lofionic duplicat is tape delay fx and quite nice sounding, korvpressor is really nice sounding compressor;) fac bandit is multiband fx and I just got that one and it’s dope like for each band you can have different effect but you have to pay bit more(in-App purchase)to get reverb and delay and then that’s totally dope;)
    Anyway:D glad you like it and hope You will found some of those auv3 useful;)

  • Oh man, that gets me pumped!
    It's got a bit of Aphex Twin and Prodigy vibes, definitely dig it!

  • Man this is really wasting of potential to put this just on youtube for small audience on forum ... this needs large-scale release !!

    Just send your stuff here:

  • @3sleeves thanks mate,prodigy is my favourite and I do like Aphex twin, also I really enjoy your work;)
    @dendy thanks dendy for very supportive feedback;) I’ll try to send them some perhaps new one, currently in process of recording TD-3 (for next tune) as I finally got my hands on one and I’m very happy, will probably mod shit out of it:DDD and get another one in case I’ll screw up:DDD that vr1 trimmer needs to be adjusted though to get that filter closer to original but it’s still great out of the box.

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