Cray23 - Unstable Mutation

Made in nanostudio 2 of course:D with auv3 as follows, korvpressor, grind, Stark, fac chorus, equalizer. Contains sampled Behringer TD-3


  • @cray23 am quite jealous of the sound quality you got from this track. Well done. Kind of mixing the old acid house style with dub beat skips and drops.
    Especially impressed with the pitch synced to the kicks on the rising breaks. Excellent work.

  • @kleptolia thanks much appreciated;)

  • Wow! That was awesome. Very inspiring track (I had been feeling creatively tapped out in the past week or so...That track definitely helps with recharging the batteries).

  • @peanut_gallery wow Iā€™m happy it did:) eagerly waiting for your next tune;) looking forward for your unique name for it:D šŸ˜Š šŸ™ šŸ™ šŸ™

  • Great track!!!
    I like it, a lot of power in this track

  • Nice combination of old school and new. Hard as hell! šŸ”„

  • @ITN @Stiksi thanks guys, appreciate it ;)

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