Randomizer button for Obsidian

Hi Matt,

Will be cool to have a randomizer button feature for the Obsidian synth.

Compagnies like Virsyn, Numerical audio, Yonak already do that in their app.

If it’s something duable, i would love to see this feature in a future update inside the Obsidian UI.




  • A randomizer would be cool and was discussed during beta but Obsidian’s routing options are so diverse that it would be a gargantuan task to make it produce consistently interesting results and not create feedback loops or other ear-splitting issues. It works better with a more curated synth.

  • 😭 i will live without so .

    Thank you

  • Yeah, I agree with @Stiksi

    I love randomizers, but they tend to be better in really simple synths.

    And if there was one in Obsidian I'd never get any work done.... :)

    However, have you noticed that Obsidian allows you to save different sections of the synth (oscillator, filters, LFOs, envelopes and mod matrix) from one preset and then load them in another? That allows for some pretty cool sound design choices pretty quickly, and if you then tweak the settings you can get something much more useful than most random settings.

    The only disadvantage of this approach is that you will tend to get something you expected, rather than something random, so what I tried is go to some wacky presets and save each setting as a number you won't recognize, so that when you later load these settings into another preset you have no idea what that section will end up doing.

    It takes a bit longer this way, but it will tend to work.

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