Cray23 - Model D

Hi all, hope you all good and safe:)
Here is one synth challenge with Behringer Model D ( should have gone iOS version really as there I could modulate more things at the same time) and there is one instance of Stark and fac chorus plus ns2 stock fx.
All sequenced and sampled, arranged etc. in NS2



    Love the sound design, think the modulation is plenty, structure is strong and changes just quickly enough to always keep my attention... And the drums are really strong.

    I really want to hear this one in my car REAL LOUD but sadly can't since we're in lockdown and the battery is disconnected..... :(

    Don't know about everyone else, but I love this track. Is that distortion from Stark or from the Model D? It sounds great in my headphones. Sounds dangerous :)

  • @Trigger_the_Monkey wow thanks man;) Stark was actually used on that hi register lead sequence, that distortion on those bass sounds are just model d overload in It’s mixer, and on first bass sound it’s also ns2 waveshaper. If you fancy to remix it let me know, since all is royalty free I can share it;)

  • Really love this! The darkness of tone is working great, had to switch to bigger headphones mid-track 🤟 also, that’s a huge variety of sounds you squeezed out of the little box!

  • @Stiksi thank you man;) next on the list is behringer k-2. will see what I can conjure out of that, didn’t play with it much yet but in case of model d, it’s surprisingly versatile synth, love it.

  • Wow this is amazing. Great job

    I’m new to iOS. Had to switch over from Caustic 3 on Android. Caustic. Can you please show me how to make a “Riddim Growl” and heavy Riddim Sounds on Obsidian or Model15??? Had to ask

  • @itAniMulli thanks, well I’ll google Riddim growl sound as I never heard that term;) and get back to you. ( I do use lot of Stark, Grind distortion units which might be it) Will try my best and perhaps post some ns2 file with it so you could check it out. Hope I’ll do good:D

  • That is one beautifully growly bass right there. I wonder of the app version of Model D would be able to pull off that sound, in the YT comparisons I've seen the one thing the hardware still does way better is the distortion when the mixer is overdriven.

    Anyway all the sounds are great, and I like the chimey melody as well.

  • Much of what I hear in pattern based pieces loses my interest in the unvarying repetitiveness of it. Kind of like listening to a fan. Remember this a “boomer” talking so you need to understand my musical roots are likely alien to you and most others here. However you have broken free of that limitation for me. You change the ideas/rhythm/mood of what’s going on with just the right pacing and variety to sustain my curiosity of “what will come next” throughout while still keeping that really cool groove going. Very enjoyable. Loved it! Thanks for sharing.

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