Model D continuous latching


When using Model D as an AUM instrument, sequences and AFP’s continue to trigger, even when the track is not playing- this is particularly on the edgy width bass, even though I’ve edited the patch and turned off the arp latch.

Any ideas?


  • I’m assuming AUM is a typo and you’re using Nanostudio as a host. I’m having trouble replicating this, I record chords with Model D and the arp stops when the track stops or the notes stop.

    Suggestions: First, triple check you turned the latch off in all the Model D instances. Sometimes I think I’m adjusting something but I’m actually editing the wrong track. Then check if it goes away by reloading the project. Do you have any MIDI FX on the channel? A long delay? Is it just that project or all projects?

  • Don’t want to hijack the thread or anything, but I’m having issues with the “latch” button in LayR where when I load a NS2 project, “latch” would load in enabled state even though it was in disabled state when I last saved the NS2 project. However, this does not happen consistently and I’m not sure how to reproduce it reliably.

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