Cray23 - K-2

Hi guys;)
All sounds comes from behringer K-2 synth, sequenced, sampled, arranged and mixed in nanostudio 2. With auv3 plugs as follows Stark, FAC Chorus, CrushStation, Blackhole and korvpressor.
Enjoy! And stay safe:)


  • as usually, cool stuff, i realy like one-synth challenges, keep doing it ;-)

    but now i have a big problem... until now, i was not much interested in MS20/K2 .... now - i want it bad :)))

  • This was a killer track!

  • @dendy thanks man, I love that limitation with simple old design, be it hardware or software. Anyway next will be neutron, then crave and that’s probably as far I can get or push it even further and do TD3 tune :DDD. Don’t have more synths:( yet;) with software I can easily imagine doing whole album out of obsidian:D
    And yes ms20/K-2 is really outstanding quirky synth and pretty cheap now, get it;)

    @Jeppan74 thanks dude;) much appreciate

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