Sustain pedal glitch on repeated notes

[NS2 v2.1.0]

Hi! I've just bought NS2 as a present for myself on Birthday. But in first couple of minutes I've got a bug :(
English is not my native language, I'm sorry for some grammar mistakes I can make
I've also recorded a couple of videos, they seems to be more useful, then a text description

If you repeat several notes while holding the sustain pedal and hold all notes while releasing the pedal, only the last pressed note will sound, all other notes will be cut out. (see the video below)

Repro steps:
1. Open any instrument without reverb or long decay (I'm using Ravencroft in video, but it repeats on obsidian)
2. Press sustain pedal
3. Press some chord several times (C-E in my example)
4. Add any other note to the sounding cord, hold all previous notes and sustain pedal (G in my example)
5. Keep holding keys, release pedal

Expected result:
All pressed keys are still sounding
Check this video of Ravencroft standalone app
(Please, pay attention to the SUSTAIN label at the right, it shows the pedal state)

Actual result:
Only last key is sounding
Check this video

Repeatability and technical info:
Bug is 100% repeatable on my device:

  • iPad Air 3d gen (A2152)
  • iOS 13.4.1
  • NS2 version 2.1.0
  • MIDI keyboard M-audio keystation 61


  • Hi @Laoladis , welcome to the forum and thank you for an excellent bug report! I'm fairly sure this is a known issue, or at least a facet of it, but I'll make sure Matt sees this anyway. The sustain pedal support was introduced in the latest update but it is admittedly a bit wonky at the moment. Matt is aware of the issue and I have hope this will be addressed at some point.

  • Thank you for your efforts. It's not a very critical bug (in such cases it's possible to edit notes in part editor), but this bug (I suppose) also leads to some noise and cracks and even instrument panic while recording some classical piano stuff.

    I'm developer myself so I understand that it isn't possible to create such a beautiful feature-rich soft in an instant and without bugs. I hope such improvements (and planned audiotracks support) will attract much more musicians of different genres to NanoStudio.

    Thank you for your efforts and good luck :)

  • @Laoladis said:
    Thank you for your efforts.

    No problem, you might also be interested in the Mozaic script mentioned by AndyHoneybone on this thread towards the bottom of the page. I'm still not sure I completely understand how it works, but it should bypass NS's sustain implementation.

  • Hello! This bug is still here, it makes live midi piano recording impossible.
    Manual editing in piano roll makes patterns to look awful and still doesn’t allow to make realistic sound.

    Is NS2 still developing? Or it’s abandoned and we shouldn’t wait for… something?

  • NS2 is not abandoned, but it wasn’t supoorted by enough sales to continue full time support. Some updates, especially when new iOS breaks something, can be expected, on a slow time line, but audio tracks… don’t hold your breath. For audio some will use MultiTrack Record as AU in NS2, and get good results (you have to load it in the mixer as an FX). Also other apps like Garage band, etc. can handle sudio tracks for free.

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