Filter channels on MIDI sends

I’d like to be able to specify which MIDI channels from the source track should be sent to destination track. An example of practical use of the feature is to send individual play heads of Fugue Machine to different tracks.

I can imagine two ways what this could look like - either by utilizing two drop boxes like Reaper does, with options All and 1-16.

Other would be to have an option to treat MIDI returns like other inputs, and pass it through filters defined on MIDI IN panel. Actually being able to record to record returns also sounds like very handy feature for generative MIDI FX. So when midi returns would be selected as input, they would be handles as actual input. They could be recorded or even CCs could be used for automation. If other input is selected (All MIDI inputs would not apply to MIDI returns) then they would behave the way they do now.


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    this part of NS needs some treatment .. for now, doesn't matter which midi channels are send, at side of track which receives midi data send from other channel all midi data are converted to channel 1 - NS simply doesn't follow midi channel of sender, on internal channels routing - just on data received from external HW midi IN ..

    There was planned midi filtering as MIDI insert FX similar like it is on track settings page for MIDI incoming from external HW input - but don't know where it is on lightyears long todo list ..

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