"Since You Left"

Continuing my journey with Nanostudio 2, I created this Uplifting Trance track in honour of my late father (and to help me process my grief).

Logistics - I crafted this song was in NS2. I used mostly internal effects, using Barkfilter TripleBand to help spice up some things such as the bass, the lead, etc, and Pro-DS on the vocals. Speaking of which, I recorded the vocals in Cubasis 3, tuned them in Multitrack Studio, and dumped them into Slate.

And yes, the autotune effect is way too heavy-handed, because MTS' vocal tuner is either too much or too little, never "just right". ( Thank goodness @danielfromcodalabs is going to craft a Melodyne-styled app!)

I mastered the track with MagicDeathEyeStereo, NS2's Stereogain to get the output to about -15dB, then BarkFilter Tripleband, and finally Pro-L2. Cheers.

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