Audio Quality setting on Win/Mac version

Hey folks!

I'm a loyal NS1 user since 2011.
Is it possible to make a Win/Mac build with additional "Audio Quality" settings enabled?
It's presented there on the iOS, but the desktop version lacks it.

It's an essential thing to me, as when you change it to "low" when you're pitching the samples down, you have some fantastic aliasing artifacts similar to the legendary E-MU sp1200. It's a pure gem that you can't find in any other apps.
If NS1 is discontinued forever, could you please at least add a similar pitching algorithm(drop-sample playback at a fixed sample rate) to the NanoStudio 2?



  • Unfortunately, I'm fairly certain NS1 is not getting any new features. The Mac/Windows version was meant as a demo for the iOS app but it worked so well that it got a life of its own which has now extended further than the main app. The desktop version uses higher quality and smaller buffer because it doesn't need as much optimization – at the time desktop was way more powerful. I too loved the aliasing effects you could get from Eden, especially with the OSC sync – just lovely stuff! I hope we'll get the sample pitch mode in NS2, that sounds cool!

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    it fastinates me how some implementation details, which were initially design compromises becasue of slow early iOS devices, actually contributed to totally unique sound of Eden. How cool it would be to have Eden as AUv3 , it would be still strong competition for all other available synths just because how unique it sounds. It has very distinct character, like some old famous hw synths.

    Eden's spirit is eternal ! :-)

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    Someone should do a Kickstarter for the worlds first hardware emulation of a retro iOS synth. B)

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