Audition Scrub Mode in Part Editor

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I would like a mode where, when holding on the ribbon to move the sequencer's transport, it will audition all of the notes currently under the transport position.

One of the things I like about digital music production on a piano roll is it makes it possible to discover really interesting note combinations and progressions.

Being able to audition through scrubbing the transport bar would not only be faster to test a progression (aside from a rhythm unless you’ve a very steady hand), but would also give you the ability to hear a chord without having to press play/stop.

Another possible addition in this spirit would be an additional mode for the audition button where, during note placement, it will play all notes (of that part) while placing a note in order to give a sample of the whole chord rather than just the single note.


  • Really like this idea.

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    Just a little NS jam/work break. Found myself wanting this feature even more after reading this thread earlier. So, I blame you, @rory. :)

    UI-wise, I could see it working in any of a few different ways.

    1. As an additional state in the "Audition" button: "Off", "When Selected" (current version of 'ON') and "When playhead is manually re-positioned".
    2. Simpler version of 1: when the "Audition" button is set to "On", it also triggers notes when the playhead is manually re-positioned. I can imagine this annoying some though so...
    3. Basically, option 2 but with an additional Settings option to enable playhead

    What would make it even more useful to me is a thing that'll probably never happen but I'll dream aloud on the internets anyway. Along with the ability to trigger any notes underneath the playhead (and/or starting immediately after the playhead so it'd work as expected when you have grid snap enabled)... the ability to select and copy those notes, move the playhead and paste them at the new location. You could use the playhead trigger to create/test chords and then quickly make copies in other places you want that chord triggered.

    Of course, it's easy to duplicate a set of notes in NS as-is. In a busy piano roll view though, it can be tricky to select a set of time-related notes without mistakenly selecting others; the playhead idea is appealing because it's very precise. Plus, it could work pretty seamlessly as a new item in the current SELECT menu. No new/special UI required.

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