bobheads - industrial track

Something I have been working on with sounds from the Industrial pack.

feedback welcome! I have no idea what genre this is - I grew up in the 80s so this kind of synthy stuff comes from my DNA =)

Question for the community: do you all separate your drums into separate tracks, so you can mix/add effects to each sound? I am more of a single-drumbox-tapper and I like to create my drum patterns in one go (on one track/one instance of Slate), so that I can make the different instruments work with each other rhythmically - and if I try to then split the pattern out (eg kick, snare, hihat) into separate tracks, I have to create the individual tracks from scratch and set up all the correct drumkits/samples again in every new instance of Slate etc - there must be a shortcut for this? I've tried using 'track lanes' but this doesnt seem to be for this purpose (I still only get one channel on the mixer)
If I start with only one instance of Slate to create my rhythm pattern, it seems like a lot of work to split it out for mixing - any thoughts?

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