Better sync options and the case against audio recording

Ok, full disclosure, I only bought NanoStudio 1hr ago, and I’m ready to make two requests already.

  1. Please give us stable external MIDI CLOCK SYNC. You’ve already given us a beautiful interface to control my groovy rack synths, but then deny us hardware users with a clock out to sync the rest of our devices. Damn.

  2. The controversial one. Please consider NOT adding recording capabilities. There are already no shortage of simple and sophisticated audio DAWS. NS2 already appears to have its foundations firmly planted in MIDI sequencing. Please don’t clutter and bloat the app with sophisticated and dsp-heavy audio processing. How about instead, expand on the MIDI aspects - eg. a groove box beat sequencer thing with a shit ton of randomise or generative options. Maybe some midi effects? Perhaps make a dedicated sampler (though I admit that I haven’t explored Obsidian properly yet). Point is, I’d prefer it if you kept Nanostudio a simple(ish) but full-feartured midi sequencer with all the trimmings, without the clutter and resource-sapping audio features. I’d prefer more MIDI, generative, shit myself.

Just my take.

Great looking app regardless btw. Congratulations to the dev. Really looks the complete business for many of us and will be for more of us with MIDI CLOCK OUT.

Cheers all.


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    If you have Audiobus 3 you can easily bridge Link to Midi Clock. Just enable Link in NS2 and AB3 and then set up the sync settings in AB3. You have latency control over each destination as well. If you load NS2 into AB3 you can use AB3's global transport to start everything in sync.

    AB3's clock is as stable as they come.

  • Actually I wouldn't need audio-recording either. I love being in virtual-world. Maybe Audio tracks could be an in-app purchase for those who want it, rather than something that all of us were forced to upgrade to, as a new version of the whole thing? I have no idea if that is even technically possible! =)
    On the other hand, I imagine that if Audio tracks are just 'possible' but you are not using or making them, then they aren't going to be using up any of your CPU, I guess?

    Either way, stunning app, and thanks to Matt @Blip Interactive the developer for an astonishing, "beautiful to look at and beautiful to listen to" app.

  • Re Clock workarounds. Yep, thx #37, there’s always workarounds to a great many things but I think if we’re going to be teased with controlling external gear, the app should go all the way and sync the same stuff without the assistance, complication or bloat of additional apps IMO. Fingers crossed it’s coming.

    Re my pushback to audio tracks, seeing it’s already advertised as “planned”, I hope it’s implemented the way bobheads suggested, that is, in an IAP. Hopefully the additional code won’t come at a performance or stability cost if lying unlocked and idle for those who don’t need it or want it.

    Great little app, as it stands, regardless.

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    The original plan was for audio tracks to be IAP. I can't imagine it impacting the app in any negative way even if not. But feel free to worry about it as much as you like. ;)

  • @number37 said:
    But feel free to worry about it as much as you like. ;)

    Um, ok.

  • Hi @Niktu :)

    Slate is a sampler, spend some time exploring it to see what you can get out of it. You can also play samples in Obsidian, and that gives you options like LFO modulation etc, and you can map a sample to a single midi note if you want.

    If you do get stuck, you can ask us how to do something.

  • @Trigger_the_Monkey said:
    Hi @Niktu :)

    Slate is a sampler, spend some time exploring it to see what you can get out of it. You can also play samples in Obsidian, and that gives you options like LFO modulation etc, and you can map a sample to a single midi note if you want.

    If you do get stuck, you can ask us how to do something.

    Thx TTM. Yeah agreed, probably doesn't need a sampler at all. I was just trying to urge the devs to give us MIDI Clock to go with the fab external MIDI capabilities, and to consider focussing on generative and useful MIDI features rather than being reduced to another jack of all trades master of none.

    There's so many apps that fall into that category already. As soon as a great MIDI sequencer comes out like NS2 with its much talked about Obsidian, everyone insists that it needs audio features to be "complete". Then as soon as an Audio recorder comes out, everyone wants better MIDI as well. It just seems that the devs get influneced by a perceived demand rather than staying true to their original creative vision. Which to me, often means a half-arsed effort just to satisfy the masses - if it even satifies them at all.

    Would have loved to see NS2 become the best MIDI sequencer on the planet with fancy arse generative MIDI, perhaps a GarageBand-esque "Beat Sequencer" type thing complete with randomise, probability and preset grooves, etc, and just left audio out of it altogether. Yamaha style midi-phrases that can be randomised or manipulated, etc. But thats just me.

    I have a fair bit of hardware in my studio and NS2 has no MIDI clock out so that completely undermines my desire to even open it up. Bugger. If and when dinkum MIDI Clock IN & OUT makes it to NS2, then I'll give it another look. As it is currently, it just doesnt integrate with outside world very well.

    I'm sure 90-95% of users are completely fine with it just as it is. But not for me just yet.

  • I can both confirm that MIDI clock sync has 1) been on my wishlist since beta testing the app and 2) AB3 MIDI clock<-->Link works really really well.

    Sure, not as elegant as native MIDI clock output but there's always something in every synth/app/beatbox/mixer/whatever.

    I look at it this way: in order to use MIDI clock sync on my hardware, I have to go through some menu(s) anyway (and/or reference the manual to find how to do it). Loading AB3 and hooking that all up is barely different; sometimes, it's quite a lot faster/easier. Plus, having AB3 loaded means I can host AU MIDI sequencers and capture the MIDI into the NS2 timeline easily. Nice "menu diving" bonus imo. :+1:

    Indeed, the clock/Link sync works so well with AB3 that it's no longer my primary external MIDI device dream. The ability to capture and sequence arbitrary MIDI CCs (without assigning them to macros first) is way more desirable to me.

  • Right on, Will. Thank you for your insight and perspective to your work flow. Yeah, I’m even considering getting one of those hardware link-to-midi boxes from Circuit Happy. I’m a guitarist and would prefer foot switches for start, stop, loop (or cycle), etc, but iPad apps have their quirks so a rethink is required. AB3 or even AUM as master isn’t completely out of the equation, either.

    I think I’m just going to pause while I reconsider my set up and how to integrate everything. I have way too much gear, and need a spreadsheet and diagram app with audio & midi signal flow diagrams, just to follow it. Not kidding. First world problems, he he.

    Anyhoo, I’m going to tinker with NS2 further and see if I warm to it and consider the workarounds as I go. Obsidian gets a lot of talk and I love the look of that MIDI instrument to control my rack synths. I’m sure the Dev is well aware that a decent handful of peeps are screaming for MIDI clock so fingers crossed it’ll come eventually.

  • Another vote for ability to receive Midi Clock. App is useless in my studio without midi clock. And Link is not a suitable substitute.
    And Amen to improving midi sequencing functions.

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