Naming sections or parts

Digging my NS2 experience so far. Kudos to Blip devs and thank you.

Would love the ability to name sections or parts so it’s easy to see what’s going on holistically when developing complex arrangements and also easier to understand your arrangement when you go back to it after a break. Just seeing a screen of blank coloured boxes doesn’t tell you anything about your arrangement sections. Specially if you have many compositions and need to re edit weeks or months later.

This would make it easier to navigate complex arrangements by either allowing the parts or patterns to be named, or ideally, adding a ‘section track’ option to the tempo & time signature drop down menu and allowing named markers or named section boxes for things like “verse 1, verse 2, chorus, bridge, drop down”, etc.

Sorry if this has already been requested or already possible. I did searches but couldn’t find anything related.

Thanks again for a great app.


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    So sorry. After spending hours in NS2, I only just discovered how to name parts at least. Apologies.

    Thought I’d leave the suggestion for section names anyway, though the ability to name parts is a workaround that can serve the same function. Perhaps a larger font size could be helpful for live performance.

    Gawd, I knew this would happen. Feel pretty certain that you’ve searched hard for a feature, google searched, forum searched (a search feature for the manual could be handy - or have I missed that too?), then eventually concede that it just doesn’t exist, then you find a solution within minutes of posting a feature request. Doh!

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    You can create dummy clips on the main mix track, or a dummy one at the top, and name them to create pseudo section markers. Coloring the clips helps further differentiate them.

    An added side benefit is you can tap the clip then double-tap the Actions button to automatically loop to that section.

  • Yep, thanks #37, thats what I was trying to do, but didn’t realise it was do-able until just after my first post.

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