NS2 for PC/Android?

I guess the title explain itself, is there any plans or work to put NS2 out for pc and/or android like with NS1?
I tried to search for it but couldnt find any information I'm sure no the only one asking.

NS1 means alot of nostalgia for me and i heard from NS2 but over the years i just changed from apple to android.


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    I've just come over from Android back to Apple (with an iPad) because of the lack of Audio creation tools on Android. I'm not the NS dev, and I don't want to speak on his behalf, however I personally doubt it will show on Android. NS1 never did, you may be thinking of Caustic. From what I understand it's actually harder to develop Audio Apps for Android because Google didn't jump on making a nice environment for apps to talk to eachother like we have on iOS with Audiobus/Audiocopy etc (and now AUV3 Plugins!).

    That said, the PC version for NS1 is still available for download. You'll find it if you do a search on the forum.

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