Cray23 - In The Night

Hi there folks;) was busy recently so haven’t done anything much in nano but finally I could spend some time with it:D
All done in nano with some auv3’s as follows
Korvpressor, NA Crunck V2, NA Analog RAC Chorus, Fac Chorus, Audio Effx, PhaseThree, QuatroMod, Ultratap, Saturn 2 and wavefolder. This one is less complicated I think or I did try:DDD enjoy;)


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    one thing i like on your music - if you like one track, you like all of them, you have, you developed own very distinctive style ! Again your good standard :+1: , added to NS2 tracks playlist ... we have already 138 videos there !!

  • Really powerful and energetic as usual. You’ve got it nailed 😎

  • @dendy wow 138 already, bloody hell and that’s only those on yt and there is going to be lot out there which haven’t been shared I bet. From my own experience it seems to me I cannot make similar quality track outside of nano that quickly and to be honest I probably made about ten in total what I could consider full track:D in cubase. Simply Nano Rules!!!:) anyway thanks for kind words;)
    @LeeB glad you liked it;) I have been listening your latest creations and it’s all top notch, I love live stuff and especially with 303 sound;)

  • Good use of vocal chops @Cray23 - great way to drag the listener in just that bit more.

    I also agree with @dendy about your style :)

  • @Trigger_the_Monkey Thanks mate;) glad you like it. That vocal sample is from native instruments expansion neon drive and I think that was last vocal sample I didn’t use:D

  • Stupid grin on my face all the way through 😀 are you on spotify? Could use this on some of my playlists. I think you’ve gotten a lot better in a short time.

    One note, though, which might be just because our listening environments are different: I think there’s a bit of a boxy EQ going on, which might be like 2 dB in the 500 Hz range or something, feels like the highs don’t come through completely. Probably my headphones though, stellar job!

  • @Stiksi cheers man;) I’m not on anything:D only yt:/
    I’m crap in mixing etc really:( I use mostly headphones (beyerdynamic dt990 im not sure if I should get new one, I have these ones for about 13 years now:D ) but also often and I shouldn’t use iPads speakers:D then I have to adjust whatever I have done on them and finally listening on my old Samson rubicon speakers (without bloody sub:/ )
    In most cases it goes down to me being lazy to not go further with it I suppose:D
    Anyway thanks for kind words;)

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