'Duplicate track' option

First let me say - I LOVE NS2. It is my go-to app by 500 thousand miles - I have spent a decent amount of money on Auria Pro, Cubasis and Beatmaker 3 yet I still always do 99.9% of my stuff in NS2. :)B)

Now the feature request - maybe it's a small one, but I would love it if when you tap on 'add track', there could be an additional option 'Duplicate current track' - it would create a new track under the selected track, with the same audio settings, the same synth preset/customised preset, and the same effects and sends and so on. It would be like adding a Track lane, but it would create a mixer channel for the new track to be independently mixed.
Maybe even it would duplicate the track itself (midi data) - helpful for layering - though that is a super quick and easy thing to do afterwards. It's more that it would save me needing to create a new track, find/choose the sound/kit/preset, and setting up all the effects and settings all over again, or copying and pasting them all from the original track.

Just a thought. I notice Cubasis has a feature like this and maybe it's not difficult to implement?

Many thanks for the awesome app!


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    Just a thought. I notice Cubasis has a feature like this and maybe it's not difficult to implement?

    It's actually many orders magnitude more complicated in NS2 than in Cubasis (or any other iOS DAW) because of midi/audio routing complexity which is possible in NS... just think about possibility of having child tracks (groups) which can have even multiple levels, or unlimited number of midi/audio sends...

    Of course, it would be great feature, no doubt.

    What you can do - many elements can be cust copy / pasted between tracks... you can copy/past patch from one track to other, tou can copy paste insert fx chain between tracks ... it's not perfect, a bit of taps here and there bit it is what it is for now...

  • I also would like to request this feature. It was a bit shocking at the beginning of working with NS2 that it actually does not include it. Hope you can work it out. Thanks in advance.

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