Problem with mixdown

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Hi there,

I have a problem with the mixdown. It crashes. Some times it crashes after loading the audio units. Sometimes it crashes When it comes to the rendering decay tail. It looks random When it crashes because i didnt change any settings.

These are the mixdown settings:

The audio units in the track are Pure synth, Electribe Wave and Pad from Klevgrand. I dont use any AU effects. I use an iPad Pro 11inch and iOS 14.0.1.

I hope any of you van help me.

Edit; okay, it looks like Electribe Wave is the problem. I did a ‘all track’ mixdown and that one makes a main mix and doesnt crash. The only thing is that the sound of the Electribe changed. Does any of you experiance the same problem?

Electribe before mixdown:

Electribe after mixdown:


  • that's strange.. i used electribe in few tracks amd never had single issue... may it be related to iOS14 ? Maybe there is some iOS14 related bug in Electribe..

  • Hi @dendy, I guess its ios14 related. Havent fond anything in it online. Every track Sith a Electribe Wave in it Hans problems Sith the mixdown.

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