Audio record trigger slide out when using garage band and NS2

Hello I am wondering if there is a way to get the “recording trigger slide out”when using GarageBand and nanostudio2.

Currently I have to use Audiobus to trigger audio recording in GarageBand when I am using NanoStudio.

I do multitrack audio recording in GB with live instruments and it would be great to be able to use only NS2 and GB without the need for Audiobus.

I though this little slider was in previous versions of NS2 however I no longer see it after the ios14 update.

I am using NanoStudio 2 on the iPhone XS.



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    Do you mean the "recording trigger slide out" below? If so then, it has nothing to do with iOS 14. That's a part of Audiobus. Sorry, but there's no way to have it without Audiobus.

  • Interesting, I could have sworn there was a slide out just like this one in the upper left after the iOS13 update of GB:

    But if not it’s all good I will continue to use Audiobus, thanks for the help!


  • if there was, it’s not a Nanostudio feature. Could well be something in GB. In that case, GB users can probably help you.

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