Importing Instruments

Hi Nanostudio community,

how do I import user instruments with the .obs files? I put them into the instruments -> obsidian -> user subfolder, but no import takes places when I open up Nanostudio 2.

It did work previously, but I have no idea how I did it. Can you please help?



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    That’s the correct place, but the .obs’s are supposed to be folders containing a ”package.obs” file. If they are showing up as named .obs files, they have gone wrong at some point and won’t show up in NS. If that’s the issue, just backtrack until you find the actual folders. IAP patches can’t be copied.

    And of course NS needs to reindex for new patches to show up, so either do this in obsidian->Patch->Manage->Refresh or just kill NS from the task switcher and restart it.

  • Thank you Sir!

    Just reloading NS did not work, but
    Obsidian > Patch -> Manage -> Refresh
    did the trick!

  • Glad to help :)

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