In app purchase advertised at one price (3.99) but attempts to charge 6.99

I’ve just purchased N2 and this morning purchased Acoustic 1 at £3.99 as stated on screen.
Having tried the various presets I returned to purchase Acoustic 2 which is also showing as £3.99.
However at the final click to accept the purchase I noticed that it was being charged at £6.99.
Is this correct? Or is there a problem?


  • That’s odd, it definitely should not do that unless the sale ended between those final taps! Try logging out of your Apple ID, rebooting the device and logging back in.

  • Well, that would appear to be the answer. What time (GMT) do these changes take place? Is it just luck that I snuck in?

  • The changes happen at region-specific times but I do not know what that time is. I think the app store can be a bit unpredictable because changes don’t happen instantly when a developer makes them, it takes time for them to propagate through the system. At least that’s my understanding, I’m not a dev so I don’t have first hand experience.

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