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Hello ( : I was just curious and hope that it would t hurt to ask this question but I was just wondering if there would be A nanostudio 3 sometime in the future ?


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    @Jonavinwine said:
    Hello ( : I was just curious and hope that it would t hurt to ask this question but I was just wondering if there would be A nanostudio 3 sometime in the future ?

    Obviously not speaking for the developer, but from assumptions I have made from other conversations that I have read on this forum & other ios-software related forums, I don’t think there will be a NanoStudio 3 in the future - not unless the developer has a massive life-changing cash influx that would maybe allow him the time & resource to develop it as a labour of love and not as a source of income.

    As said though, that is only my assumption and I apologise in advance if my comments - especially regarding “cash influx”es - are deemed as offensive by the developer, please be assured no offence is or was intended.

  • No Worries I understand ( : Nanostudio 2 still rocks The House

  • I know this has been mentioned before and I believe rejected, but crowd source some funding? Then use that funding to pay devs to do the heavy lifting with close supervision and design by blipinteractive. Judging by the user base and partipation here, I suspect a significant amount of money could be raised to support such a labor of love. This app is too fantastic to allow to be abandoned.

  • @boomer as I recall Matt himself stating that he wouldn’t go through that much effort again I still believe that if crowd funding would rise enough money it could still happen, maybe, but as others say I don’t speak for dev at all only my wish;) I really would like to see stand alone nanostudio box similar to mpc one but just with ns2 Inside and interface design done by Matt as well as he certainly knows what’s he doing in that department;)
    Ns2 rocks!!!

  • I apologize for my post here

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    @Jonavinwine why would you apologise for asking questions;) no need for that;) honestly I don’t believe there will be ns3, it’s pity tho as I can imagine some time in future ns2 will cease to work due some iOS changes or what not:/ at least I hope it will be kept alive for long time.
    Have a great day;)

  • Such sadness if true. Seeing the writing on the wall, I have spent the last month looking high and low for another way to work. Everything I try I end up back in ns2. Cubasis3 does a lot but lack of tempo track and inability to map cc to anything are show stoppers for me. Audio Evolution has come a long way but also missing cc functionality and editing that I have come to rely on in ns2. Atom piano roll in AUM roll has promise but way too many limitations right now. I have not tried Xequence but it appears limited to 16 intruments and setting up tracks looks to be a pain. GarageBand is useless for any kind of midi processing or cc and no tempo control. Looking at Auria but crashing seems to be a problem I just cant live with. And nothing but nothing is in the same universe as ns2 and Obsidian for cpu efficiency. And the work flow - I love the work flow. iPad for music is liberating but I fear having to go back to Macs and typing and audio interfaces and being tied to one room to create. I can imagine not wanting to go through all that work again so I would appeal again to the dev to allow paying others to do the work and dev supplying the love. Maybe it would be cost prohibitive. Open source it? If not a rewrite, how about paid upgrades (to pay other devs) to ns2 to fulfill the myriad requests here? Letting it die cannot be an option. To those of you here who know him, can you do an intervention? :)

  • “ Letting it die cannot be an option. ”

    That’s a bit hyperbolic, isn’t it? NS2 is still doing everything it did when released. It’s not dying.
    There was one update that fixed problems introduced in an iOS update, and there is no reason to suspect it won’t continue to be maintained when iOS decides to break something else. As far as all the additional features we’d all love to see added...? Who knows. NS2 was 6 years in development. Whatever happens it will likely take a long time.

    Just my opinion, but there would be no need for crowd funding if the crowd had supported NS2 more robustly from launch. However if some third party raised a bunch of ‘crowd funded’ money and dangled it in front of the development team, I’m sure some features would be added sooner rather than later. But that’s not likely to happen. Patience will be required, whatever the future may hold.

  • @SlapHappy You are of course correct. It was my paranoia taking control of the iPad keyboard :# Apologies.

  • @boomer I give up on looking anywhere else, it’s useless as you said;) I have tons of software I have paid for but nothing in pc/Mac or even hardware cannot beat workflow of ns2. I’m not worried that ns2 dies but who knows what future brings.
    Fingers crossed for flawless cruise;)

  • @SlapHappy I wish I would win a lottery, would sent few millions to Matt and beg him to do standalone box without flaws, not like mpc or maschine+ :DDD
    Nano simply rocks!;)

  • @Cray23 . Your desire for a hardware version of ns2 intrigues me. I would think such a thing would be orders of magnitude more expensive than software. You would have to build out the underlying audio and midi frameworks from scratch. Fixing bugs and adding features would be near impossible once it’s out the door. On the other hand you did make “flawless” part of the spec :) I will throw my lottery winnings in with yours :)

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    @boomer theoretically it could be just controller where we could slide in iPad and it would have all sorts of dedicated buttons and pads etc (since iPad is kind of standalone already;)
    So I’ll start playing lotto then:D
    Btw my desire for hw ns2 is due me buying mpc one and that is, I would say an opposite:/ sort of great interface but to my liking it’s underpowered:/ it would probably burn if I tax it like I do ns2 on iPad:D

  • A dedicated NS2 iPad + controller was a dream I had some time ago. I think the main problem would be that the iPad needs a different iOS, call it ‘iMOS’ (‘music’), since most of the problems stem from the iOS. Can jailbroken iPads could have a new operating system installed? I don’t know. The market for such an item would be tiny, so it’s impractical, but it would be awesome!

  • Any news on audio tracks? That’s the only thing that has driven me back to GarageBand.
    And I do know about the sampler. I just like recording into audio tracks, I’ve found.

  • @kleptolia said:
    Any news on audio tracks? That’s the only thing that has driven me back to GarageBand.
    And I do know about the sampler. I just like recording into audio tracks, I’ve found.

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