Question about the general sound of ns2

Hi everyone, sound is subjective but this is the way I see it. If I listen to the drum samples or Obsidian synth the sound of ns2 is very in your face, very commercial, kind of high eq but probably more than that. It is good for commercial bangers but less for something like Drive-like synthwave or something warm or natural. I liked the general sound of ns1 more, it sounded more natural, the kicks, the snares, the synth. My question is, do you share my opinion? Is this something that can be solved somehow with changing the settings, please advice, thanks in advance, Roland from Holland


  • You can always import your own kicks and snares.

  • Hey Roland from Holland! Have you tried the IAP sound banks? As Winnecke mentioned, it is super easy to import samples into Slate from any other iOS apps you have (including NS1) or maybe .wav files from your computer. NS2 can sound like any genre. Have a listen to the variety of tracks prople post to this forum to get a feel for how different NS2 can sound.

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