Multi Segment Envelopes

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  • Hi, is there a multi-segment envelope like in the Waldorf or Casio CZ synths? It was fun using the Microwave's 8 segment Wave envelope to modulate wavetable position. If not, is there a way to chain envelopes?

  • Looked through the manual - doesn't appear to have them. I supoose I could make use of the mod matrix, LFOs, and ENVs to simulate them...or automation will work.

  • I was missing the 8 stage envelopes when fooling around with PD. Maybe they could be added?

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    There is not multi point envelope, althought would be nice to have them, i agree. I home cloning will become reality soon, to have 10 Matts would be nice :lol:

    There is workaround - you can use complex LFO's (FM, Random Pattern) for simulating multi stage envelopes. It is not perfect, but it works for some cases ... I did pretty complex stuff with these LFOs (check factory patches Minimal Beat 1-3 or Rhythm Disease for example) .

    You can also create complex LFO pattern and then use other LFO (or simple AD envelope) for STOPPING that LFO after first cycle (by modulating it's rate and forcing it go to zero at the end)

  • Thanks @dendy Modulating the modulators is powerful stuff and good to see in Obsidian. I haven't got NS2 yet (waiting for Santa Claus gift card), so cannot hear the patches. Is there a SoundCloud with audio demos?

  • edited December 2018 those are patches i mentioned.. there are 3 patches .. that "beat" is made just by using lfo's and envelopes, in other words what you hear starts play if you hit and hold note :) If course it's synced to project BPM

    here some "multi stage envelope - like" wavetable modulation using random pattern LFO .. of course it's not that versatile and under control like real multi stage envelope, but as i said, for some cases with precise tweaks it works

    in this example OSC1 and 2 are set to different wavatebles and LFO is modulating wavetable position

    Btw. this LFO type is pretty versatile. You can choose from 16 various patterns and select how much steps from that pattern should repeat. By "Curve" knob you can set how much to left or right are steps curved. If my example Curve is set to most right position, if it is set to zero, LFO looks like this (which is good for use for "step sequencer like" pitch modulation for example

  • That's impressive @dendy Easy to forget how good we have it these days with all the sync options. Thanks!

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