Will NS2 work with iOS 15?

Since there was an issue with iOS 14 initially, has anyone used NS2 on the iOS 15 beta yet?
Out of caution I'll be delaying the iOS update on my iPad until more is known, but it would be nice to hear feedback from anyone with insight on this matter.
I hope you and yours are doing relatively well @Blip Interactive .


  • There were a couple of issues after Apple caused problems with iOS 14, but the crack team of code kung-fu masters over at Blip Interactive were on it and killed all the evil bugs that Apple sent to assassinate NS2. Same thing after iOS 13. Based on that track record, I bet the Apple bugs in iOS 15 get squashed pretty quickly. …Insofar as they interfere with NS2 and our musical bliss.

    Yeah… I never update until I have to. I think my iPad is still on iOS 13.

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    @SlapHappy Yep, always best to wait if there's no confirmed success with an app in the beta OS.
    I do still keep an iPhone 5C around to run the original Nanostudio (my iPod Touch 3rd gen is on its last legs).

  • @3sleeves I'm running it on the latest beta with no issues at all.

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