"Afterlife" Dark-to-Light Ambient created in NS2

And now, my next piece of Ambient!

This piece of Ambient goes from dark to light, and it's what I imagine taking a journey to the Afterlife would sound like, from the general confusion at first, to taking a train towards the light and finally resting peacefully in one's new home.

Created with Nanostudio 2, I used some samples from Freesound, one impact sample from Sounds of KSHMR Vol 3, Velvet Machine (you rock @iOSTRAKON for the suggestion), FAC Alteza, and an Obsidian choir preset.

I bounced the unmastered version to Cubasis where I treated the piece with MagicDeathEyeStereo and TB Barricade.

Cheers and enjoy.


  • edited August 2021

    Soothing. I’d rather imagine taking a break stepping outside the gravy train into the night. There’s a certain reminiscence of the past in it, strangely, maybe R. Strauss … Why not proceed however (with your talent) from here evermore into the future ;) ?

    (Digging the nice screechy sound of the wheels on the rails/tracks (and the crickets) though ((and the drones of your ambient piece …, what do drones mean to us??)))

  • Nice! Weird that I just put up a piece on the same subject matter only a completely different style and direction. I love music that tells a story or takes you somewhere. You have done the latter quite well. Thanks for sharing.

  • @jwmmakerofmusic this is absolutely epic;) love it, there is nothing to add or take it’s just bloody good. I’m going to listen to it some more:D thanks and big ups!

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