Audio tracks please

Any news on audio tracks. I use nano for most of the studio now. But seriously needs audio tracks


  • Read the news on the latest update, and then get multitrack by 4pockets.

  • I saw that. And that’s cool and all but seriously why no audio track. I have a feeling it’s gonna be for the subscription based version. Ugh.

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    Hold your horses, there has been no indication that a subscription version is being planned. What I got from Matt’s comments was that there needs to be a general rethink of the whole music app business model because it isn’t working except for a chosen few. What that means for NS2 is completely open as far as I can see.

    As for the classic ”why no audio tracks”, the answer has not changed: it’s months of full-time work, a mammoth project. Comparing that with any of the features in updates so far is pretty much apples to small moons. So it’s not really a question of bumping audio tracks for these other features, the choice is between these smaller features and nothing at all, audio tracks is not in the same league.

    I hope we get audio tracks, but I also get why it hasn’t happened yet.

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