Recorder like in NS1

In NS1 song monitoring is synchronized with the recorder. In NS2 recorder and monitoring are separate things.
In NS1, if monitoring is on, I press the record button and hear count-in before recording. And I hear my song while recording. This is very useful when there are no audio tracks for recording vocals, guitars ... In NS2, it’s very difficult to synchronize the recorded sample with the song.

There is also a convenient resample in NS1. In NS2 I have to render the desired piece, go to slate, search for the rendered piece and insert it into the sampler. In NS1 I just click the Resample button.

But for me the most important thing is that I can record the sample in sync with the song.


  • @Kabra Didn’t you figure this on out already? Unless I misunderstand, your problem, I think, are multiple problems. Metronome with or without count-in can be turned on/off from the drop down tab (press the measure display at the very top. Hearing content already recorded (monitoring) is normal, and if you are not hearing other tracks then I think you either have your currently selected track soloed, or the other tracks muted somehow. Slate does not have the Resample function of TRG, however we all agree that would be a nice feature if added to Slate.

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