Audio freezes after 5 to 15 minutes working

I need support to get ns2 to work properly. At the moment it is very annoying since it freezes all the time. What info do you need to look into it?


  • After the initial excitement getting nanostudio2 I am very deflated. The audio constantly freezes, cuts out and sometimes nothing helps. No restart of the app. Any suggestions. Got in on an iPad 8th gen.

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    What ipados are you on and what AU devices are you using in the project?

    I have merged the two duplicate threads.

  • I use an iPad 8th gen on 14.7.1.
    I am using slate and obsidian and it happens very much in the beginning of a project.
    Thank you for support

  • Well that’s odd, we have not heard other reports of audio issues using only Nanostudio’s internal devices. That does not mean that they aren’t happening, though. Do you use other music apps, are they working fine? Garageband maybe?

    Another thing to rule out: are you using wireless or wired headphones? Can you check with another pair? If you’re using an adapter, can you try another adapter or a different method? Wireless problems are common and Apple’s adapters are also prone to breaking.

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    I just spent 30 minutes with NS2. iPad 8 on iOS 14.7.1. No issues FWIW.

  • Really appreciate your effort. Will try to observe to provide more detailed info. Thanks though

  • @hakim786 Might it be the same issue I was having in this thread...

    It certainly sounds like it. If so, from what I've managed to work out it's not an NS2 specific issue but an iOS one. If you launch AUM when this happens it shows you a message about how there's no audio engine available. There's a lot more people with the same issue over here:

    For what it's worth, I ended up enrolling in the iPadOS 15 beta and installing that which seems to have fixed it.

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