Irig keys 2 issue?

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Weirdest issue. So I kind of assume this is on ik's side of things but my ik rig keys 1 worked fine with nanostudio 2.

However irig keys 2 has it's own audio output ( on its physical keyboard) since iPhone depreciation of the headphone jack. Irig keys 2 seems to work with most apps except with nanostudio 2. It disconnects, reconnects, works,for a couple seconds and then sometimes gets phone speaker output during the process (Usually should come thru the interface) and even occasionally restarts my phone on its own. What is happening? Is this a nanostudio specific issue or my phone or the interface? Anybody have any experience w this?

I have an iPhone 6s plus (also may be the issue), and an irig keys HD 2 updated firmware and the latest nanostudio 2 version. Just weird that irig keys 1 worked but maybe it's the fact it's interface? Maybe you can weigh in on this


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    Also Matt this app is fantastic and please don't take this as complaining. If there's anything the community can do to help further nanostudio development let us know. Really want nanostudio to stick around its sort of my outlet musically for the past 6 months

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    Which apps have you tried? Did any have the same kinds of issues?

    Are there crash reports relating to the restarts?

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