Which external app can I use for live vocals in nanostudio?

I wonder which app I can open in nanostudio to get live vocals into nanostudio and use the effects in nanostudio?
The singing microphone apps so far appear as effects apps while actually i need a normal app so i can enter live vocals through that app, open it in NS and use the effects in NS. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance,

Roland from Holland


  • The only solution I know of is to use the beta of SonoBus, which is what I use to send live guitar into NS2 for recording into multitrack recorder. It takes a little setup (not too painful once you have done it a couple of times) but you basically need to connect an instance of SonoBus outside of NS2 which receives your audio (in AUM or AudioBus, for example) to an instance of SonoBus hosted inside NS2. This can be added before multitrack recorder and any other FX in the chain.

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