Support for an external keyboard (like the magic keyboard) and non-english characters

Currently the app only supports english characters, and hence lack support for other alphabets and letters, like the Swedish å, ä and ö. Except when using the file system. Not a huge issue, but would be nice.

Using the magic keyboard however, you have the iPad in ”monitor” position, and having to type using the screen is a bit of an obstacle in an otherwise great workflow.

Keep up the good work! Most intutive DAW in the appstore (and I have tried most of them, unfortunately for my wallet…)!


  • +1

    The custom internal keyboard looks nice but brings with it a lot of functionality tradeoffs. At some point it would be very nice to have the keyboard routines leverage the built-in iOS libraries. Not a show-stopper, but would be nice, and I think might even make the app easier to maintain in the future.

    P.S. I love NS2. ❤️

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