Triggering Slate with MIDI Macros app

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  • Hi, I want to trigger Slate from a midi program on my iPad. I can do this from my phone via Bluetooth to the iPad but can’t seem to manage it locally. Can anyone help?

  • Hm, this sounds a bit strange.. so you have same app on phone and on ipad.. phone is connected with ipad via bletooth. From app on iPhone it works, and from same app on iPad not ?

    Which app is it exactly ?

  • Its just a midi macro app. But any really, Music Studio as well. I must be missing something. But yes the macro app on the phone via Bluetooth works but the macro app on the iPad does nothing

  • that's very strange.. no idea then... can you give me link to appstore to that app ? i will try it

  • It is called ‘MIDI Macros’ by Oscar Bouwmans.

  • ok, will let you know

  • @jed, are you sure background audio is enabled in NS2? It could be that you have NS2 open when you’re using the other device so it works. But when you switch to the other app on the same device, NS2 must have background audio enabled or it will go go sleep.

  • Yes Background audio is on - blue light.

  • @jed Does MIDI Macros show up as a port in Settings -> MIDI -> MIDI Inputs? Are you sure it's sending the correct MIDI notes for Slate?

  • No, it does not show up. I don’t think it initiates a session on its own.

  • Sorted this now. The program I was using did not initiate a virtual midi port. Once one has been created then it will use it so all good there now. Is there a way of changing Obsidian patches via midi? Or selecting tracks from an external source?

  • @jed said:
    Is there a way of changing Obsidian patches via midi?

    Not currently but the request has been noted in previous threads.

    Or selecting tracks from an external source?

    It depends on what you mean.

    Each track/instrument in NanoStudio can be set to its own MIDI channel (and port). If you set up a bunch of tracks/instruments and 1) set each to its own MIDI channel and 2) set each so that "Track receives MIDI when" is set to "ALWAYS" you can change the MIDI channel on an external controller to effectively select different tracks.

    With one external controller/port this would be limited to 16 (because, MIDI channels). Multiple controllers (or addressable ports) increases that by 16 each.

  • PS. please start a new thread when you have new questions so that others have a chance of finding them later.

  • Brilliant, multiple ports. That works till midi PC data is implemented. Thanks.

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