Old NS1 Patches

Hi, I've recently opened up NS2 after a lengthy hiatus. I was pleased to see that the factory 7th Heaven patch survived the upgrade. Unfortunately, many of my old NS1 tunes, which were my first successful attempts at making music are no longer able to be used due to time, changes in operating systems etc. I'm having a go at recreating one which I was particularly pleased with, 7th Heaven was used extensively, I'm wondering if any of the other patches made it over into NS2? Granted there seem to be hundreds to choose from now.Can anyone advise? Thanks


  • Since Obsidian is a completely new synth, none of the old Eden presets work in Obsidian (you probably already know that), but some were re-created to sound similar. If I recall correctly,
    Obsidian’s patch Born Leader sounds a bit like the old Eden preset of the same name. There are a few others as well I think. I have recreated some Eden presets by making sample-based Obsidian patches. I usually record long munti note samples (spaces in between notes) into AudioShare, then import those into NS2’s audio library, chop and name samples in Slate, then load sampes into Obsidian using Automap Samples, then tweak the various Obsidian parameters and add FX. This method produces patches that range from spot on to similar. Sometimes it is just really hard to capture some magic quality about an Eden preset.

    Many NS2 fans would love to have Eden as an AU/IAA synth, but that is unlikely to happen. Perhaps there should be some effort made to have forum members upload our various attempts to recreate Eden patches in Obsidian? Not sure if there is enough interest in that.

  • Thanks for taking the time to answer and explain. That's a pity. I loved some of those old Eden sounds. I used to transpose right down to the lowest key and use some of the arpeggiated-sounding rhythms as starting points for bass lines. I've had a delve and there's a sound from the Eden that I'm pretty sure isn't there any more. Oh well, let go of the old and play with the new. I appreciate the time you took to comment.

  • Hi there - as far as I understand it, you can still run NS1 on your computer (free download), so if you still have your old project files somewhere, you can import those and continue to work on them. I made a backup of all my NS1 projects to my Mac before moving onto iOS devices that couldn’t run NS1, and I’ve been able to run them there, export audio stems etc. That said, I think it only runs on older versions of MacOS (10.14 and earlier)...(not sure, I have a dual-boot system for some of my 32 bit software which won’t run on 10.15).. so if you only have an updated Mac, you might not be able to do it.... there’s also a windows version, anyway check it all out here: https://www.blipinteractive.co.uk/nanostudio1/

    I’m just sharing it in case it is useful. Even if you don’t have your old projects, you can at least go ‘back to Eden’ ;) and potentially make some samples of its patches that way, I guess? Though that’s probably a lot of work. Maybe still good for reference etc?

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