Solution for NanoStudio’s future

Hey I just wanted to mention that Michael the creator of loopy pro has figured out a way to charge once for the app and allow the user to keep it forever but also have a subscription. Seems like a solution for NanoStudio and I’d happily opt in to such a model. Cut and pasted from loopy website below

“ A 7-Day Free Trial, so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

A one-off In-App Purchase to buy the app: to keep, forever.
This gets you permanent access to all current features, and all those added in the following 12 months.
It also gets you bug and compatibility fixes for the lifetime of the app.

A completely optional “Upgrade” In-App Purchase, available any time from 12 months after initial purchase, to buy the latest features and all those released in the following 12 months, to keep forever. Upgrade once, or every year, or just when there’s a new feature you want, or never upgrade after the initial purchase – it’s completely up to you. And you keep what you buy, forever.

This will allow Loopy Pro to continue evolving for years to come, while letting me support my family.
– Michael”

How do you all feel about that? I think it’s more than fair and also doesn’t feel like renting. Brilliant


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    It's a great model, and hopefully will work out well for Michael.

    There's no way of assuming the same would work for NanoStudio 2. It all depends on the size of the customer base and also would require the ability to dedicate 12 months of development time to produce updates worth people buying into. That's not something anyone can assume to be the case.

    Part of the calculus is probably that Michael can afford the risk of Loopy Pro's scheme not panning out. That may or not be the case for Matt. Ultimately our opinions here on it have no bearing other than voicing whether or not we would buy into such a scheme. I would.

    It's good you raised the visibility of this model. One can only hope that Matt drops by again some day and sees it.

  • Loopy Pro is a great app but not my cuppa. If Matt took this approach I’d be all over it and pay full price for any IAP’s he offered.

  • Yeah! Many of is would happily go for that model. I think the Blipster will need some time to recover and a period of time at a normal job (i.e. regular paychecks) to get to a point where he can afford to be out of work to develop for a period of time prior so there are new features on offer for a new price model to begin. Just a guess.

    I however would gladly pay in advance to raise funds. It would be a bit fun to start a thread to get firm commitments from the forum members to see what the actual market for these updates is. I’d pay $200 up front just for audio tracks, which I don’t really need. Just like to see the app ‘complete’. Double that if Ext FX automation is thrown in. Yearly updates/optional subscription: $50 wouldn’t make me pause. $100 per year seems reasonable for me. I’ll gladly panhandle with a cardboard sign to raise more if needed.

    It’s kinda fun spending money I don’t have! (But would definitly pay for the future of NS2)

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    Yea all good points but I’d definitely pay for something like this. I love nanostudio. There’s really nothing like it on iOS and I want to support it.

  • I will sign on to ANY model that keeps NS2 moving forward. Ns2 + obsidian + Slate is untouchable on iOS.

  • I’m in! @Blip Interactive I would pay lot just for new wavetables for obsidian, I would even make them for Matt for free, if I know the format;) but ultimately I want to see ns2 around for years to come so would chip in without hesitation to keep it alive. Absolutely excellent piece of software.
    Have a good day everyone 😎

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