NS2 and loopy pro can be the best partners, but there are some problems in midi clock sync

edited April 2022 in Feature Requests

I recently found out that if we make NS2 and loopy pro partners. We might be able to get the best and most complete DAW experience on IOS.

If we let loopy pro float on the side of NS2, host the instruments and effects AUv3, let NS2 act as a sequencer and recording automation, and send the audio to loopy pro via IAA
We can get.
Full AUv3 instrument and effect automation capabilities
The best pianoroll and sequencer
The best built-in synthesizer
Variable Tempo and Time sig
Powerful audio tracks
Flexible midi and audio routing capabilities
Fully customizable interface and AUv3 view
And future features via loopy pro updates such as AUv3 sidechain and multi-output

However I found some problem in NS2's midi clock sending.
If there is any midi signal while starting playback, loopy pro will not receive the clock signal. Also when nanostudio is in loop mode, the position of the playhead jump is not sent to the loopy pro

If I use Xequence 2 for the loopy pro sequencer I don't have any problems.

Edit : I just realized this is the limit of midi clock sending, never mind.

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