Koala sampler bug

Hi all not sure if this has been mentioned but koala auv3 seems to be not play the sample until the project loops back to the beginning . From what I’ve seen it’s only on NS2


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    I have seen something similar with Koala - ie when NS2 is playing then I have to trigger a sample twice from my midi-clip and it will play on the 2nd trigger.

    For me it is no problem as I always bounce down whatever I’m playing in Koala to a .wav and load that in to Slate (as Slate is much lighter on cpu). I only really use Koala for its time-stretching and automating its fx too. But as said I always bounce that out to wav and then remove Koala from my project completely.

    Have you contacted ElfAudio & reported it with him too? I know you said it only happens in NS2 - but by the same token in NS2 it doesn’t happen with any of the other samplers I use (eg AudioLayer, Beathawk, Segments, DigiStix to name a few).

  • Yeah good idea I’ll contact koala too, but I remember segments wasn’t behaving too well when I first bought it. Given I didn’t test it on other DAWS. I remember having similar trigger issues. So it might not have been koala . Just though I’d mention the bug for the developers sake.

  • I don’t have/use Koala so I can’t try to replicate your issue. Can you try it in Garage Band to see if there is the same problem?

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    Bugger - I‘ve accidentally deleted my comment!

    Basically - to recap - I can replicate the issue in NS2 (I had already seen it myself) but the fact that no one on the Audiobus forum has mentioned it (they love Koala on there but their preference is for sequencers other than NS2 - you know, the „audio tracks“ issue 🙄) suggests it’s only in NS2.

    But I reiterate that if NS2 was really at fault we‘d have the same problem in all samplers, and out of the long list of sampler auv3‘s I have this is the 1st instance I have seen this happen - so my money is on Koala being the culprit here.

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