Pink Callisto

In the interest of bumping the recent flurry of activity on this site, here is something fairly recent that may take you back to the 80s…..

Pink Callisto is a popular dance club on the second moon of Jupiter. It’s part of a large retirement community there.

Rather then post everything, here is a link to my YouTube channel. The vast majority are 100% NS2 with 99% Obsidian and Slate. The above is 100% obsidian and Slate. Hope you enjoy.


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    Very interesting music.. there is a lot of complexity and variations inside, lot of musical ideas - you have my big respect well produced, and not just from technicall point of view (sound) but also with true musician spirit !!

  • @boomer nice composition, groove is strong with this one;) basically I agree on every level with dendy here. Great stuff

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