open / edit ns1 projects in ns2?

hi all. sorry if i missed this. i assumed it would be common but can't find anything searching.

i have an old ipad running ns1 on an old iOS version. i have many dozens of big projects, many still unfinished. just got newer ipad w newer ios. i want to use ns2 now, of course. but can i open and edit and finish all the projects i have from the old version?

thanks so much, jim


  • Hey Jim! Welcome to the forum and the awesomeness of NS2.

    It is not possible to open NS1 projects in NS2. NS2 is a completely different app.
    You have to recreate those older projects. One thing that helps is that you can open TRG kits in Slate (then save as a Slate kit). What I have done is use TRG for audio stems of older projects to use as “guide tracks” or as Slate banks for audio that no longer needs editing. Export MIDI files from the NS1 project and record multi-samples of Eden presets to create new Obsidian patches. Eden presets will not work in Obsidian, but the sample based Eden presets can easily be simulated by taking the one sample Eden used and plopping that into Obsidian. The character of the synths is a bit different, so I have found that multi-samples from Eden will help better capture the character of some Eden presets.

    Overall recreating projects takes a bit of time, but the results are pretty good, and worth it to me to finally have additional AUv3 synths to work with. NS1 projects recreated in NS2 along with AUv3 synths has helped me finish or just polish up old projects, which has been really satisfying.

  • hello & thanks for the warm welcome and very helpful message! what you described makes sense about it being a different app. exciting but also a major bummer in my case.

    i admit i'm intrigued but overwhelmed by the prospect of doing this given the number of projects and most with many tracks / instruments and highly edited sounds already dialed in...and trying to keep up with projects in ableton also...and life ha ha.

    hmmm... i may have to see if i can finish on the old ipad or port things to nano on the mac which is more laborious but might work. i'll definitely keep a copy your great explanation of how to recreate things and at least try that with a track at some point and see how it goes.

    i can see how it would be satisfying. part of what i've liked about NS1 is seeing how far i can push things in terms of complex songs with vocals and all. i just happen to be buried under a mountain of unreleased material and having health trouble and less energy and a sense of urgency to set songs free into the wild. who knows what tomorrow brings....

    again, thanks and all the best to you,

  • If you still have NS1 on an old iPad or iPhone, then that is a valuable tool to finish your work. Or for reconstructing projects in NS2. The hard part for me is to let go of unfinished tracks in NS1. Some are clearly not worth saving, but I want to port over many of them to NS2 in order to polish them with better sounds & FXs. It’s a lot of work and we all have to make the hard choices regarding our limited time. The fastest thing would be to just export MIDI files and select new patches for your tracks in NS2. It won’t sound the same, but it might sound better in NS2, especially with all of the AUv3 available.
    Keep going!

  • Thanks so much! Great input and i really appreciate the “keep going.” A bit of kindness goes a long way especially these days. And to you too!
    It looks like i may not have access to the old iPad for long. But maybe luck will smile upon me and I’ll get more time with it. Hard choices indeed with time and letting go of tracks…letting go in general :-)
    Hmmm… Any chance i can either run old NS1 compatible iOS on newer (3G) iPad Pro…or control NS1 on mac w iPad Pro so i have all the touch screen goodness?

  • NS1 won’t run on iOS 11 or later. There is a free PC version of NS1 that can be quite useful. If you have a touch screen laptop, it is similar to an iPad experience, but not quite as good.
    Backing up all archived projects to a PC is a good practice also. I know I’m often forgetful of this. Fortunately NS2 is very stable and NS1 is pretty darn stable too.

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