Bring back the Eden synth

With all due respect to the Obsidian synth, I feel that somehow re-incorporating the Eden synth into Nano 2 would offer incredible additional sonic opportunities. I keep older iPhones in order to access things like Nano 1 and Eden. I would gladly pay for an upgrade that added Eden to Nano 2.


  • I second that!

  • Tried that! Well, tried to get Matt to do that is what I mean. Ideally Eden as an AUV3 synth, which would open it up for use by iOS music producers who favor… shall we say other working environments. I have heard rumor that some people use some other apps, which aren’t NS2, to produce music. I cannot confirm that, but it is rumored. Anyway, the idea was pitched many times, but it just didn’t seem viable at the time. Maybe one day, like when Matt wins the lottery. I suspect he’s working on an app to pick winning lottery numbers, but I can neither confirm or deny that. Fingers crossed.

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