Auv3 multi out

i probably said this before so many times, but im still the biggest NS2 fan, its my favorite Daw, of any DAW on ios for iphone, the best to work with Auv3 instruments and effects, plus i love everything about it, The Ui, the piano roll sequencer, NS2 completely workflow and the internal instruments !!
but lately i have been away from using NS2 and i hate that because i only want to do my stuff i NS2 , The thing is that im also a big sampling beat maker, so i also love using koala sampler, which yes it works perfectly in Nanostudio2, but my thing is that, in Nanostudio2 there ain’t no Auv3 Multi out option, and to me its a must and necessary having the multi out option, because not having that option its a problem because that means the that the only option i have in NS2 is to use multiple instances of the same auv3 which its ok until it starts to take away a lot of cpu and mem, which is a problem when im also using want to use auv3 fx for mixing and mastering on the process ,
so if the developer of Nanostudio2 can implement the of option to use auv3 multi out to NS2 that would take care the problem, which will get me back to completely only using NS2, because NS2 and KoalaSampler are two favorite apps and i want to use both them together without the need of using Koala in Aum or any other ios daw that have the option of auv3 multi out, because like i mention im a complete fan of NS2 that only wants to use NS2 as my main DAW, i just don’t like using any other daw, so all i want is to get back to completely work with koala in NS2, so i can get back to completely create beats in Nanostudio2 !!


  • This is something I’d love to see in NS2 as well. Though I realize it might not be feasible to dedicate the resources to implement that

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