Untitled Rain track from Bobheads

Hi all, I have an almost-complete track to share. I'm unsure about the low end mixing-wise - my iPad was making some odd distortion sounds today as if something was clipping around the bass end, but the mixdown seems to be ok as far as I can tell. Can anyone with better mixing chops than me make any suggestions/comments on the mix?

I guess it's a kind of 80s soundtracky thing. Mostly NS2 sounds plus a bit of Moog Model D and then a bunch of Fabfilter plugins on the master channel for polish and mixdown etc.
Would love to hear any feedback.


  • Nice tune! I listened through my iPad 8 speaker and my 7506 headphones and nothing stood out as far as the mix goes. Maybe this video will help?

  • @anickt Thanks for your feedback and the cool video link :+1:

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