the swing options doesn't do anything either on the recording or the pianoroll options

im and iphone beat maker and NS2 has been my favorite and main daw for making beats for over 2 years which i been using it for making trap/rap/drill/r&b even reggaeton and afrobeats, the thing is that i never had the need for using the swing option until now that i been doing boombap on koalasampler but i always use koala as a standalone because its more comfortable using it that way, but lately because NS2 is my overall favorite daw i been wanting to use koala in NS2 so i can include auv3 instruments with my sample based project in koala, but because im starting to make boombap back again, obviously the swing is very important for boombap, so after so long of using NS has my Main overall daw now im noticing that the swing option in NS2 doesn't do anything,
either on the recording settings or on the pianoroll the swing options doesn't work, i dont know if im doing something wrong or if i have to set something to be able to make it work,
so now after using NS2 for over 2 years non stop without any problem, i started to look in the manual for the first time trying to findout any info about the swing option, and now im noticing for the first time that it missing some features that are on the manual but not in NS2 for iphone, which is very strange, basically the window and strength option is missing, so i don't know if that is a bug on iphone which im thinking that i can be the issue that is making the swing not work or do anything, but im still, not sure about tha, that is why i came in here to see i someone can help out about understanding that...


  • You're in the wrong place. You need to go to Actions > Quantize and use the swing slider there to apply swing to already placed notes.

    The Grid settings in your screenshot only adjust the grid lines for placing notes. Look closely and you'll see the grid lines moving.

    I hope that helps.

  • As for recording, try setting the swing to 1/8 rather than 1/16 to see if you notice more difference. With 1/16 swing, nothing hitting right on the 16th note gets quantized.

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    Excellent detail pointed out by Mr. @number37. I also was confused by this early on. The manual isn’t super clear on the distinction between adjusting the grid and adjusting notes, nor that Swing should be applied to already recorded notes. I rarely use swing but it helps me to think of adjusting the notes away from the grid. I also note that in the photo above Snap is selected. I’m not sure on this but I think having Snap (to Grid) selected would defeat Swing. Or should I say it works that way in my brain. I’d definitely try turning Snap off.

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